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Build the house of dreams

BobyB started this conversation

I need some fiinancing to build my home for my beloved family. Not sure for configuration, but I think 4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, two cars garage and a basement would be sufficient.
I already purchased a lovely building plot and I've ordered the architectural and construction plans.
Recently I chose a massive armoured concrete construction with brick walls, probably double walls with sufficient thermoisolation placed inside, classic tiled roof, half of basement height would be underground etc. Still not sure for exact configuration, how to implement the isolations, finishing works and lot more...
I need some financing to continue with my building process. Any advices are also welcome :-)

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 in response to The Wizard...   i need a house in metro georgia 3 plus 2 bath because our family is on a fixed income and we are living in a all rental 2 bedroom mobile home from the 60s or early 70s model all 8 of us, 3 are children, and its very small. we pay 400 for it which, we are very in debt with georgia power by 500 bucks and also our water bill is 2 months behind. ive been fighting for my social security for years. i have ra and now im on meds for my lumbar spine sprain injury. ive been denied over and over, forgive me happy 2011 and i hopes all our prays are answered because i have always believed (all good things come to those who wait)
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 in response to The Wizard...   Very nice and looks relaxing. Love the rock based waterfall in the backyard.. Cool
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 in response to vistahelp...   
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